Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Tiếng Anh giao tiếp hàng ngày

Tiếng Anh giao tiếp hàng ngày

Episode 1. Pleased to meet you
Episode 2. Enjoy Your Stay
Episode 3. What time is it?
Episode 4. Second on the Left
Episode 5. Are you married?
Episode 6. He didn't write
Episode 7. Come to Lunch
Episode 8. This is my brother
Episode 9. The most beautiful city
Episode 10. What's the matter?
Episode 11. Let me Help
Episode 12. The day after tomorrow
Episode 13. What are you doing tomorrow?
Episode 14. Are there some kangaroos?
Episode 15. A big grey one
Episode 16. What Would you Like?
Episode 17. I usually catch a bus
Episode 18. There's a message for you
Episode 19. I haven’t found him
Episode 20. You walk sadly
Episode 21. Single trip or Daytrip?
Episode 22. Look after yourself
Episode 23. If I were you
Episode 24. The Most Expensive Wine
Episode 25. How many prawns?
Episode 26. I thought I saw him
Episode 27. It's made of gold
Episode 28. You should relax
Episode 29. Do you have a wok?
Episode 30. First, fry the prawns
Episode 31. That was Delicious
Episode 32. He says he knows my brother
Episode 33. Who Wants to Know?
Episode 34. You were going too fast
Episode 35. This is the house
Episode 36. This is your nephew
Episode 37. I had to find a job
Episode 38. You Should Ring Your Parents
Episode 39. How could you?
Episode 40. He said he loved me
Episode 41. If I like you
Episode 42. See You Again

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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Order food in fast food restaurant

Example 1

You : Excuse me. I'd like the combo set number 2 please.
Seller : What kind of drink would you like?
You : Coke.
Seller : Would you like a learge coke for 50 cents more?
You : No thanks.
Seller : For here or to go?
Friend : For here.
Seller : Alright. That's gonna be 7.50 dollars.
Friend : Here you go.
Seller : Thank you.

Example 2

You : Hi. I want two chicken burger and one caesar salad?
Seller : What would you like to drink?
You : Can I have just a cup of water?
Seller : Sure. Anythingelse?
You : Nope.
Seller : 18.85 please.
You : Here.
Seller : Thank you. Salad will be served at the table in two minutes.

Example 3

You : Hi. I want three chicken burger.
Seller : Sorry, we run out of it today. Would you like to try other menu?
You : Oh no thanks then.

Learning Part

Nope = No (informal)

Phone conversation

When you are a caller

-- Hello?
-- Is that John?
-- Can I speak to John?
-- May I speak to John?

When you are a receiver

-- This is John speaking, who's that?
-- Who's speaking please?
-- Who's calling please?

When you ask the caller to wait

-- One moment please.
-- Just a minute please.
-- Hold on please.
-- Hang on please

When you ask the caller to leave messages

-- Can you leave the message?
-- Can I take your message?
-- Would you like to leave a message?
-- Would you like him/her to call you back?

When calling the wrong number

-- I'm afraid you got the wrong number
-- Sorry, I think you reach the wrong number

When asking the receiver to transfer the line

-- Can I have extension 1234 please?
-- Could you please transfer the line to Mr. John please?

When finish talking

-- Nice talking to you
-- Talk to you later

Reserve a table

Example 1

Waiter : Excuse me how many people?
You : Five, can we get a non-smoking section?
Waiter : Sure but there are few people ahead of you right now.
You : How long do we have to wait?
Waiter : Arond five to ten minutes

Example 2

Waiter : How many do you have?
You : Just two. Can we have a table outside?
Waiter : You may have to wait for a while.
You : For how long?
Waiter : Twenty minutes
You : Well, I think we'll try another place then. Thank you!

Ask people to take pictures for you

Example 1

You : Excuse me. Do you mind taking us pictures?
Stranger : Sure?
You : Thank you. You can just press the button here.

Example 2

You : Excuse me. Can you take pictures for us please?
Stranger : Certainly. Is everything set?
You : Please move to the left a bit. Thank you.

Example 3

You : Excuse me. Can you do me a favor?
Stranger : Sure.
You : We'd like to ask you to take a picture for us.
Stranger : ok.... All right, ready, one... two....
You : Thanks a lot

Example 4

You : Excuse me. Do you have time to take a picture for us?
Stranger : Oh. I am sorry. I really have to go.
You : It's ok.

Order pizza

Example 1

Waitress : Good morning. This is ABC pizza. How may I help you?
You : Hi. I'd like to order a pizza.
Waitress : What size please?
You : Large please.
Waitress : What flavour would you like?
You : I want Hawaiian.
Waitress : Anything else?
You : No.
Waitress : Can I have your address please?

Example 2

Waitress : Good morning. This is ABC pizza. How may I help you?
You : I want to order a pizza.
Waitress : What topping would you like to order today?
You : Can you give me some advice?
Waitress : Sure. We have Super Supreme, Hawaiian and Seafood.
You : Good. I want to try Large size Seafood one please.
Waitress : Anything else?
You : One garlic bread and beef spaghetti
Waitress : Ok. Can I have your phone number and address please?

Ask for a ride

Example 1

Hitchhiker : I was wondering if you could give me a ride to the gas station?
You : Sure. Come on in!

Example 2

Friend : Where are you heading?
You : I'm heading north to the highway 309
Friend : Can you give me a ride?
You : No problem.
Friend : Thanks a lot

Example 3

Friend : Where are you going?
You : I'm going to ABC department store.
Friend : Oh. Great! I was about to go there. Can I tag along?
You : Well, I wish I could have you along but there is no room left in my car. Sorry.
Friend : It's ok. I can take the bus.

Learning Part

Hitchhiker = Stranger who ask people for a free ride (PS. Hitchhiker is considered illigal in many countries)